Master Thesis

“Country estate Staverden, how could the heritage be kept, driven by modern consumer demands”

The uniqueness of Staverden lies in the combination of historical elements and the diverse and beautiful landscape. Staverden has still the original estate character. Based on findings in the literature the functionality has been changed to ‘consuming’ the heritage. The consumer indicates that he wants this heritage to be preserved. It has value and importance to him.

The traditional players, GLK and farmers are responsible for maintaining the heritage. Due to the changing world the traditional sources of income generate less money. New funding sources are necessary in order to maintain the heritage of Staverden.

The introduction of regional fund in which public and private participants in participate take part, can maintain the heritage of Staverden. To organize the regional fund, a local foundation needs to be set up. Involving the visitor and the ‘free riders’ in maintaining the heritage is required to be able to fill the regional fund. Make them aware of their importance to maintain and keep the heritage for the future.

August 2010, Master of Science in Hospitality Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam